Founded in 1969 we offer 40 years of experience in the textile and confection industry. Our young and dynamic team develops innovative and high quality products for the menswear fashion industry.
Our design team is based in Biella, Italy, and consists of some of the best textile designers in international fashion. Combining this expertise with the latest high tech machinery of our Chinese mills we are able to offer a wide range of fantastic qualities at great prices. With our ready fabric and our Never Out of Stock (NOS) programs, we are able to offer you the fastest lead times in China.
In cooperation with our confection specialists we are able to offer a fantastic full garment program, starting from model development and styling, production control from beginning to end, until the shipment of the goods. In combination with our NOS fabric service we can produce your garments and have them delivered to your country within 100 days.

Our Textile Collections
Giovanni Luciano:Super 100 Stock Service
Giuseppe Bertolini:8 Qualities special 90/2 Wool/ Wool/blend collection
Fratelli di Trivero50%wv 50%pes Stock Service
Maglioni & Santini:Luxurious Double Face wool blend collection
Vittorio Pardini:100% Shetland & Woollen sports jacket collection
Stefano Ponzone: Polyester Viscose evening wear
Antonelli Roberto: Polyester Viscose piece dye suiting
Aniello & Figli: Polyester Viscose classics
Emilio Capelli:Polyester Viscose Wool blend suiting
Antonio Perin:Linen & linen blends semi-casual wear
Umberto Dutto:Linen & linen blends semi-casual wear
Sergio Marocesi:Velvets (cotton & cotton blends)
Giancarlo Magnani:Cotton trouser collection
Enzo Lazzaro:Wool & Wool blend trouser collection


Linea Moda

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F +31 84 2100629

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